Peter Weiss, MA, LMHC

Therapy for all ages, Couples, & Families

My approach to counseling and psychotherapy is relational in nature, meaning that I put a lot of weight and meaning into the value and importance of human relationships, and in the context of therapy, in the therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist.  Research has shown that there are two predominate variables to successful therapy, regardless of the type of therapy one is receiving. Unconditional positive regard and a felt sense of empathetic understanding are the two factors that can have significant influence over whether or not a client feels the therapy is helpful.  My first goal in treatment is always to work toward a feeling for my patients that their pain is recognized and understood.

I am interested in working together to help you find solutions and answers to problems and struggles that have been plaguing you.  My approach at times is directive and behavioral, meaning that we take a look at behaviors that can potentially be helpful in navigating the struggle, and other times I can be non-directive and let the process of therapy assist you in finding new understanding of yourself and your situation.  To use technical terms, I work from both a relational-psychodynamic sentiment, as well as a Cognitive Behavioral model.  When I work with patients with OCD, I often integrate a behavioral treatment approach called Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) into the work.  Feel free to call and I can explain further the details what ERP looks like. 

For couples work I have trained in the use of the Gottman Method, as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with Susan Johnson.  EFT is a model that puts value on early attachment relationships and how these attachments play out in your current intimate relationships.  Many couples enter therapy both feeling unheard and not understood.  Our first goal, and a continuing one throughout therapy, will be to create and maintain a safe environment to enable you to be heard and understood.   There are alway two realities in a marriage , and for most long term relationships maintaining your own reality in a way that is acknowledged by your loved one can be hugely challenging!  I believe that your loved one is the most important person in your life, and putting energy into the relationship is an investment that will pay off many times over.